5 Things to focus on to achieve your goals!

1. How much are you eating?

You should be eating until you are satisfied, instead of stuffed. Pay attention to your portions at each meal. 

2. How are you eating?

Eat slowly and mindfully, without distraction. Turn the TV off and get off your phone. Enjoy your food and pay attention to hunger and fullness

3. Why are you eating?

Are you hungry, bored, stressed, following peer pressure, social cues, thirsty? Eating for the right reasons is key - you should be eating out of true hunger. Take time to reflect before grabbing the first thing you see in the cupboard.

4. What are you eating?

Minimally processed proteins, meats from grass-fed sources, a variety of colored veggies, fiber-rich fruits, healthy starches and whole grains, and healthy fats like nuts and avocados. 

5. Are you being honest with yourself and are you being consistent?

Really focus on the how much you are eating and the what you are eating before moving on. Try logging your food to take a better look. We have our clients take pictures of what they eat so we can take a better look and work together to make the best choices to get you to your goals. 

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