How to Stay Motivated to Exercise During the Winter

Although Spring is right around the corner, the weather outside still very much feels like Winter. When the weather is cold, our bed and couch become a lot more attractive than the gym. It is extremely common and completely normal to lose our “fit-spiration” during the winter. However, it is very important to get at least one form of exercise every single day – even in the winter! We know how difficult it is, so here are some tips to make it a little less challenging to get one’s self up and moving in the cold.

Workout Classes

A highly popular trend in the fitness world is group workout classes. From kickboxing to aerial yoga, one can find a class for just about any kind of exercise. There are many benefits to taking a workout class. A trained instructor provides constant motivation and strives to push the student to his/her greatest potential. Whether one is a competitive type or just likes to have fun with a workout, the group aspect of the class can appeal to both of these attitudes. The combination of the group atmosphere and instructional aspect of the class guarantees that one gets an effective workout, which does not always happen when working out on one’s own at the gym. Because workout classes are offered at specific times, one must add it into his/her schedule. Also, most workout classes cost money. The scheduling of the class as well as the price are great incentives to force one’s self to go.

Workout Videos

            A downside of workout classes for most is their sometimes extreme prices. However, the online workout video trend allows one to get a similar workout without paying any money at all! The internet is full of free, fun, challenging workout videos. Simply research a certain type of workout, a body part to focus on, etc. and chances are there will be hundreds of results. If the group aspect of the fitness class is what one craves, he/she can invite friends to do these workouts together! One can get fit and have fun, all without leaving home.

The Gym

            Every regular gym-goer dreads the ‘New Year Resolution crowd’ that crowds the gym during the month of January. However, there is a positive (though disappointing) aspect to this influx. As winter continues on, this stampede will fizzle out, leaving the gym as spacious as it was before the start of the New Year, if not less full. Take advantage of this halt in common gym attendance by going during these empty winter months!

Plan / Set Goals

            A panic often runs through our veins as the snow starts to melt and we think about summertime while remembering how little we exercised during the winter. Avoid this anxiety by getting a head start. A fun and easy way to stay motivated is planning and goal setting. Like scheduling a workout class keeps one motivated to show up and do it, putting a workout in the calendar as an event with as much priority as a meeting or a social event will help to do the same. Creating long-term fitness goals that span the entire winter will allow one to stay motivated.


            A sense of seasonal depression sets over many of us in the winter as daily life feels much more difficult. Curb this dreaded feeling with fitness! Exercise releases endorphins in the brain which cause us to be happy and lively. Constant exercise promotes a regular, healthy sleeping pattern, which also greatly contributes to overall mood.

            Whether one is doing a pilates video at home or taking a daily yoga class, remember to follow these tips to get up and get moving during the winter!


**Written by Hub Healthy Intern, Maddie Metzger**