What our clients have to say: 


      "Teaching for 30 years as a Special Needs Teacher I found myself increasingly gaining weight year by year due to stress, lack of time for myself, and caring for my family. Although I was disciplined with exercise and swam laps 4 days a week, and walked or rode a bike on the off days, in March the fact that I had not lost any weight for my daughter’s upcoming September wedding left me feeling desperate.  I had lost weight in the past and knew it had to be a lifestyle change, specifically for me, a food style change.  Tava graciously accepted my request for help. Over the month of March, I became extremely serious regarding making a change.  Tava gently encouraged me as I became extremely vulnerable, becoming accountable to her regarding exactly what I was eating, my weight, my exercise.   We had numerous email conversations regarding better food choices, vitamin supplements, and working harder at the gym. Our email exchanges went well into the summer months.  Tava always ended each email with positive words, cheering me on.
        Tava just happened to be a bridesmaid in my daughter’s wedding.  At the rehearsal dinner, an historical picture presentation was given to honor the bride and groom showing pictures of both sets of parents over time.  Afterward, Tava gave me a huge compliment and said how obvious it was how much weight I had lost.  A total loss of 25 pounds allowed me to feel more confident as the mother of the bride. Now the wedding is in the past, I want to continue to maintain my weight by enjoying healthy food choices and portion control.  Tava gave me help when I most needed it.  She believes what she promotes! If she can help me, then I know she is waiting to roll up her sleeves and help anyone who wants to make a change a healthy lifestyle." - Jill M.


"I discovered Hub Healthy Boston through social media and decided to reach out because I was really struggling with acid reflux and serious stomach discomfort. I knew it had to do with my diet and what I was eating, but I needed some serious help getting my diet under control and understanding what foods were bothering me and what I could and couldn't eat. I met with Tava for an hour consultation and she couldn't have been nicer. Went through my whole health history, and she talked me through acid reflux and what foods instigate it. She helped me figure out what foods to eliminate and how to eat properly to fix what was bothering me. She had me write down a food diary and be strict with my diet for two weeks until we had another meeting and in those two weeks my stomach went back to feeling normal after three months of discomfort. It was encouraging for me to think back on my conversation with Tava when making food choices and planning my meals. On my follow-up appointment with Tava she brought me SO many great recipe ideas to fit within my vegetarian diet eliminating the foods that were bothering me. 
Having someone there to encourage you to stay on track and hold you accountable for the foods you are eating is so helpful. Tava could not have been more kind or understanding and is extremely easy to talk to. I would highly recommend Hub Healthy to anyone looking to get their diet under control for any reason. They are extremely accessible, knowledgeable and friendly. You can tell these girls really know their stuff and care about their clients. Thank you, Tava! - Taylor D.


"I contacted Tava eager for suggestions to my never ending stomach problems. I have seen several doctors and have numerous diagnosis’. None of the doctors had helped me move past diagnosis. I wasn’t sure where to start with such varying issues, but Tava did! Tava is extremely professional, knowledgeable and a compassionate dietitian. Tava aided me in understanding the positive and negative effects foods have on the digestive system. She has also assisted me heal my stomach, find recipes and plan meals while avoiding all of my food allergies. I am feeling restored and positive about my journey as a healthier person. I cannot thank Tava enough for all of the help!" - Mallory M. 


"I was in the search for a nutritionist when I found Hub Healthy. I feel like I have always been pretty good at taking care of my health through eating and exercise but never was able to sustain the positive changes and results I wanted. Tava was so wonderful and friendly to work with which made the process easy. She would meet with me regularly and hold me accountable for my goals. She was so knowledgeable and helped me to make the necessary tweaks I needed in taking care of my health in a sustainable way. Because of Hub Healthy, I now feel that I am empowered to take care of my health. I choose how I eat as a form of self-care, I have grown to love loading up my plate on vegetables, and have made the necessary shifts to feel really good about how I'm taking care of my body. I feel so grateful for Tava's support and guidance, she's amazing!" - Angela L.

"Tava has been such an amazing person to have on my team. We first started working together after I had started my first job out of college. Needless to say, I has enjoyed my Senior year a bit too much and living in the city with a stressful job was not helping my waistline. We have been working together for well over a year now, and I am happy to say that I have lost weight and I am soooo close to my original jean size. More importantly, eating healthy has become nearly effortless. I no longer have an all or nothing mentality regarding healthy eating; I am exercising regularly again, and eat more veggies per serving than I ever thought possible. Do yourself a favor, and connect with Tava immediately!" - Jessica M

“I am so blessed to know Tava. I reached out to her because I was struggling with weight loss…low energy…bloating…insomnia.. you name it! Tava is very knowledgeable and led me in the right direction with diet and supplements and because of Tava I can honestly say I feel like a whole new person!!! Tava has taught me how important it is to eat whole foods and how what you eat can effect another part of your body as well. Thank you Tava!!” - Abby S


“Tava is incredibly knowledgeable about how to obtain and maintain a healthy gut as well as a well rounded nutritional diet. I am a vegetarian and have had stomach and gall bladder issues for almost a year and my doctors kept telling me nothing was wrong. I spoke with Tava and she helped me to build a reasonable and delicious meal plan based on what I felt I could manage! She was incredibly supportive to my concerns and worked with me every step of the way. I am forever grateful, and very happy to say that after just 6 weeks my stomach issues are gone! She is truly a treasure and has helped change my daily life for the better. Thank you Tava!” - Alisha G

“I discovered Hub Healthy from an article in a magazine and was compelled to look into HH a little more.  I'd been looking for some more education about my health and ways to maintain a healthy lifestyle without depriving myself of the things that I enjoy - I come from an Indian family where everything centers around the next great meal and I didn't want to lose that! That said, I couldn't deal with the restrictive colorful containers from the 21 day fix, logging everything into an app was annoying and probably inaccurate 95% of the time (because who has time to put in every. single. ingredient. and what if the dish wasn't simple - then it's that much harder to track portions and ingredients).  I knew myself enough to know that I ate the right things (usually), but definitely had some difficulties with eating when I was stressed, portions and I do love the wine. 

Enter Tava.  It was so great meeting her! Super down-to-earth, never lectured or made me feel judged.  She understood where I was with my health and fitness goals, my medical history and how my life - personal and professional- play into my habits.  Instead of being superstrict, she helped me to see what options I could create for myself - for example, How could I add more vegetables to each meal - even something like black bean pasta makes a difference! She also helped me to recognize patterns in my habits and create little challenges that were actually high impact.  Did I really need that afternoon coffee and chocolate/cookie? Even if that was my only dessert of the day? Probably not.  It's not the worst, but it didn't give me the energy I needed to last me through the end of the day and into dinner (where i would have been throwing myself into dinner).  It was just so nice to be able to recognize the emotion I was feeling behind whatever I ate (and how much), make some good fixes, figure out ways to have healthier versions of whatever I craved and just be more mindful.  The awareness and education were huge for my success and I am so appreciative of all of Tava's support.” - Priya S.