Initial Nutrition Consult Appointment



What you will receive: 

One 60 minute phone/ video chat/ or in-person consultation.

Follow up via email for one week.  



Follow-Up Appointment


What you will receive:

One 35 minute phone/ video chat/ or in-person follow up.

Follow up via email for one week. 

Corporate  Wellness


What you will receive: 

Stuck sitting at an office all day? Too many tempting snacks in the break room? We're excited to help transform your office culture to provide all employees with a healthy work environment.  We offer in-office nutrition counseling, nutrition education, snack suggestions, wellness challenges and more! 

Price depends on services needed


Supermarket Tour 


What you will receive: 

We are pleased to shop with clients privately so they are able to feel comfortable and knowledgeable reading food labels. We'll also teach you how to fill your kitchen with healthy, delicious foods. These can also be done in groups.

Pricing based on service provided


Custom Wellness Presentations


What you will receive: 

30 to 60 minute interactive presentations of your choice that will leave your audience equipped and motivated to eat healthier. 

Price discussed at time of topic choice


Child Care Nutrition Training


What you will receive:

60 min session/ presentation on topics of choice 

Example topics include:

·       What foods young children need to stay healthy

·       The importance of fluids for children's health

·       Ways to help children develop good eating habits

·       Some common food allergy symptoms

·       Good nutrition and why it is important

·       Meal patterns – what are they and how are they different for each  age group

·       Snacks- what should be included in a nutritionally complete snack

·       MyPlate

·       Foods that may cause choking in children

·       The importance of physical activity

Inquire for pricing